Spring Details with JORD

  I love the small details and changes that happen when the weather starts transitioning to spring. When people start spending more time outside, in dresses and shorts, and start to switch up accessories to more summer-y styles. Colors become brighter, the sun shines more (I know, I live in San Diego, I shouldn’t talk), clothes become lighter. It’s just so exciting!

My favorite spring accessory this year is my new JORD watch. JORD makes high-end wood watches. How gorgeous and versatile is this watch? I love how it is such a unique watch compared to the other metal ones I normally wear. JORD has tons of different styles and colors for any style. I chose this zebrawood watch because I think the color and detail are beautiful and I think it complements my style really well.

David liked mine so much he started looking at the Men’s watches and found some that he really likes as well (although I’m convinced he is going to try to borrow mine even though it doesn’t fit). The zebrawood and maple watch I got actually could also be a men’s watch too.

The packaging as you can see is beautiful. It comes in a large wood box and even has a small drawer to keep the watch-care items that the watch comes with.

The watch itself is lightweight and not super bulky on your wrist. So far, styling it has been super easy, it goes with everything! You can tell the time and detail that went into designing and crafting these beautiful pieces. If you’re in the market for a new, cool watch I definitely recommend checking out JORD watches.

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Watches Made From Wood

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