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I’m going to be real here for a sec. Recently it’s been difficult to find motivation to keep going keep going keep going with this blog. It is a LOT of work and doesn’t always have a high payoff. Gaining followers is hard and slow (to the blog and to Instagram). Some weeks I put in less effort than other weeks and I think that’s ok. I have to tell myself that it’s ok.

When I’m feeling uninspired sometimes all I have to do is visit some of my favorite bloggers’ sites and profiles and I immediately feel their passion and get inspired by their looks. I get a simple idea for an outfit or for a post and I run with it. Other times finding that motivation again is more difficult. I  stare at my clothes trying to come up with an outfit and come up with nothing.

These are a few things I do to try to find the spark again:

  • Go for a run – running has always made me feel better and stronger. It is a great way to clear my head and think about my goals
  • Shop online – sometimes shopping online can get me inspired with different outfit ideas. It helps me remember pieces that I have tucked away that I forgot about and how I can style them in new, fun ways.
  • Get dinner / drinks with a friend – I love discussing goals with close friends. It’s so easy to energize each other (even if your goals are totally different) and doing it over drinks at a fun, cool place is always a plus!
  • Take a day off – every once in a while I just have to step away from my routine and do things totally different.
  • Read a book – it’s so easy for me to go home from work and turn on Netflix and forget about the book I am reading. Books can be such a fantastic form of motivation.

Recently I found this skirt as I was getting coffee at one of my favorite places in San Diego, James’ coffee. There is a small boutique in the coffee shop where I found this skirt (and other beautiful pieces). I knew I wanted to do a post featuring it. I normally would only wear a skirt in a formal setting but I pushed myself to find a way to wear it casually and I ended up liking the causal outfit more than the more formal look! See the outfit details below.

Outfit Details | Skirt (similar skirts linked at bottom) | Top (sold out but similar here) | Shoes | Watch | Lipstick (color Patina)


Outfit Details | Top | Skirt (similar skirts linked at bottom) | Shoes (similar here) | Lip Color (color Patina) | Watch


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  1. I totally understand this – I find it really hard to keep writing my blog a lot. It’s a lot of work – and hard to find new topics to keep writing about. Let’s chat about goals soon! 🙂

    BTW, love this skirt. I almost never look to buy skirts, but this makes me want to get one!

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