Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

One thing I have always agreed with Lorelai Gilmore on is that there is no such thing as too much coffee. I (kinda) stopped drinking real (caffeinated) coffee about a year ago because I felt like I was addicted to it. It didn’t deter my coffee addiction at all. I now generally drink decaf vanilla lattes…. everywhere, with the occasional regular.

David and I love to adventure to different coffee shops after a morning run or to start the weekend mornings off. San Diego has some incredible boutique coffee shops making it super difficult to narrow it down but here are (mostly in order) my top six favorite San Diego coffee shops.

6. Communal Coffee

I love this place! It is commonly known as Coffee and Flowers because there is a little flower shop in the middle of it. They have theee most amazing lavendar toast (pictured above) and great lattes. It is Instagram perfect and in a great location to meet friends from anywhere in the city.


5. Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

Dark Horse is a common San Diego favorite and for good reason. There are three different locations and they are all amazing. They have a salted maple latte that is delicious and different and vegan donuts that are perfectly guilt-free. The space is small but all three of the shops are in great locations to explore the area.


4. King’s Craft Coffee

While King’s Craft is the farthest one away from the city (Poway), it’s definitely worth the drive if you want a weekend adventure. Their lattes are delicious and the staff is super friendly. They sell local pastries and support the local community. They have only been open for a few months. If you’re heading to Iron Mountain for a hike or to the Poway Farmer’s Market I definitely recommend stopping by TKC.


3. James’ Coffee

James’ Coffee is a world of it’s own. It is tucked into a giant garage-like warehouse. The entrance is lined with different little boutique shops and there is even a barber shop and a design studio in the space. The coffee itself is delicious, the vanilla lattes are not too sweet and their cold brew is amazing.


2. Lofty Coffee

My first introduction to Lofty Coffee was in Solana Beach on Cedros Avenue. I fell in love with their dark chocolate mocha. I am such a sucker for dark chocolate so when they opened a Lofty Coffee in Little Italy (only a few blocks from where I live) I knew I would become a regular. Most of the shop is outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and the happenings of Little Italy including the Farmer’s market that is on the same street on Saturday mornings.


1. Achilles Coffee

Easily my number one rated coffee in San Diego. Achilles started out as a coffee cart in East Village (by the Padres stadium) and recently opened a store on Cortez Hill. They are still building it out (ie. putting in a kitchen to make food). Their coffee is incredible. Everything I have had there is amazing. The “vibe” is still being created as they expand but the staff is always friendly. If you are only going to go to one place on my list, GO HERE!

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