How to do Fall in San Diego

I love fall. I always have. Growing up in Minnesota I loved the crisp cold air and the fact that snow was coming! As a child, I loved that feeling. I still anticipate the changes in all of the seasons but something about fall (and being closer to Christmas) is magical. So when I moved to San Diego (7 years ago!!!) and fall was less of a “thing”, it was a little disappointing. San Diego is incredible, don’t get me wrong, it just is different when it comes to the seasonal changes in weather. To make it feel more like fall in warm San Diego I like to do fall activities to get in the spirit. Here is my list of favorite things to do during the season:

Apple picking

Apple picking is my favorite fall activity. San Diego has a bunch of places to pick apples near Julian, CA. About an hour outside of the city, it is the perfect place for a day trip getaway. The season for apple picking starts a little earlier than I expect in late August and generally ends right when I start to think about doing it. We went this past weekend and found that most of San Diego did as well so note to self for next year to go earlier! This weekend was the last weekend for a lot of places so we had to find those hard to reach places to find the best ones. The best surprise we found was that the place we went to pick had pears too (which honestly, I like better than apples)! Some of my favorite places to visit for apple picking are Star Apple Farm, Volcan Valley Apple Farm and Calico Ranch Orchard.

Eat pie in Julian

Speaking of Julian – If you have ever heard of Julian it’s likely you have heard about their AMAZING pie! It is seriously incredible. The pie deserves a visit to Julian on it’s own even if you decide not to go apple picking. The little town of Julian is adorable during fall (and always) so if you have a free weekend day and want an adventure, head out to Julian. The drive is beautiful as well.

Visit a pumpkin patch

Once apple picking season is over it’s time to think about Halloween and pumpkin everything! I love visiting pumpkin patches because farmers make them so interactive. If you find a good one not only are you leaving with the perfect pumpkin for carving but you walked through a corn maze, pet some animals in a petting zoo, drank some cider… you get the point, pumpkin patches can be super fun.

Find a new hike to conquer

I’m a big fan of hiking and finding new trails to explore. David and I often get into a rut where we hike the same one that’s close to our house (Iron Mountain). It’s a great 6-mile hike but we always have a great time when we do find a new one. What does this have to do with fall? Well, it’s kind of a scavenger hunt for fall foliage in San Diego county. It exists! It’s just difficult to find. Finding new hikes increases the chances of finding those beautiful changing colors and get a workout at the same time.

Visit the farmer’s market

Farmer’s markets always have the freshest ingredients. If you want something seasonal, a farmer’s market is the place to go. The great thing about San Diego is our farmer’s markets are year round. My favorites are Little Italy, Hillcrest and Poway Farmer’s Markets.

Cook with fall vegetables

After visiting the farmer’s markets in the city I always come home with treasures to eat! It’s so much fun to be creative with vegetables I wouldn’t normally cook with (squash, pumpkin etc.). Recently though, we have been trying out Blue Apron. Luckily, they use fresh, seasonal ingredients too!

Dress the part

Fake it ’till ya make it right? Ok, so I don’t think pretending it’s cold will make it eventually be cold in San Diego but I still like to dress the part. I like to wear the fall colors (like I did apple picking) and pay attention to the fall trends even if it’s a little bit of a different take on them. I am planning on doing a full post on how to dress for fall in San Diego so look out for that!

What are your favorite fall things?

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