About Me

Welcome to the Vibrant Everything blog. A  personal style and lifestyle blog based in San Diego. Written by me, Dana Jensen, Vibrant Everything focuses on exploring your city in style. I hope to use this blog to inspire you to go on adventures of your own in San Diego or wherever you are and feel confident in any situation.

My Story

Growing up in Minnesota, I used to steal my mom’s makeup when she wasn’t watching and put WAY too much on. I would admire her jewelry and wish for a time when I could wear them. Now that I’m older (25), I still love fashion and putting outfits together and I spend my free time keeping up with trends, finding new restaurants and breweries, and hiking the coolest trails. I decided to start a blog to share my personal style and adventures, and connect with you while learning all about blogging in the process.

During the day, I work at a digital, website design agency called Visceral as a project manager. I love dancing, hiking, running, reading and travelling.

I would love any comments and connections!